Disaster Tolerance Construction Plan

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Chapter 1 Methods of the Construction of Disaster Tolerance Centers

Disaster-tolerant construction projects and business continuity projects are closely related to users' business requirements and application status, and involve a wide range of technologies and products, as well as numerous suppliers. Therefore, they are part of the projects that are complex for construction and highly risky. In order to reduce the risk of the projects and guarantee the successful construction of disaster tolerance centers, it's very important to select experienced partners and follow the guidance of a mature and practical methodology for the disaster-tolerant construction of information centers.

For enterprises' "disaster-tolerant center construction" and business continuity construction, EMC has provided BCSI (Business Continuity Solution Integration) methodology, which unfolds as follows:


As shown above, EMC has divided enterprises' business continuity or disaster-tolerant system construction into three phases. They are (not including startup and other prophase work):